Who Will Win The Bundesliga This Season?

Who Will Win The Bundesliga This Season?


Source: Bundesliga

Football news in Thailand has predicted that Bayern Munich is the fan-favorite team to secure victory for the Bundesliga title. They represent Germany’s wealthiest club, with the strongest possible squad at disposal, and power player Robert Lewandowski consistently claimed to be one of the sport’s best strikers.

In the current season, Bayern Munich is witnessing new management, as Hansi Flick has been recently replaced by Julian Nagelsmann in the hot seat for the Allianz Arena. However, it may take several months for him to truly get across his ideas, but that should not hinder the chances of Bayern to win the Bundesliga title.

Perhaps the one team that has any chance of challenging Bayern includes Borussia Dortmund. Despite the fact that Jadon Sancho has exited the club, Erling Haaland will be staying put for an additional season. This international from Norway is quite the sensation, and his goals could potentially lead the team to victory in the case that luck is with them.

However, fully overcoming Bayern will prove very difficult. RB Leipzig is third in line but is projected to settle for a finish in the top four under Jesse Marsch’s management, who has recently joined from Red Bull Salzburg, a sister club.

Who Is The 2021 Bundesliga Champion?

The reigning champions of the last term with a title triumph include Bayern Munich. Flick’s side managed to accumulate as many as 78 points, up 13 from RB Leipzig, who landed in 2nd place. Attackers performed the best seen in the entire division, but an impressive defensive record was observed for RB Leipzig, Bayer Leverkusen, Union Berlin, and Wolfsburg.

Just under 30 different clubs have bested the German championship, including during the era that predates the Bundesliga championship. Since its launch in 1963, there have been a dozen title winners. This suggests the two leagues have been in similar competition over the past 60 years.

What Happens If The Bundesliga Title is Won?

Winners of the Bundesliga title will receive the Champions’ Bowl (more commonly referred to as Meisterschale, a trophy that, since 1949, has been awarded to German champions. The trophy itself includes the engraved names of every winner of the title since 1903. Although the original trophy goes into the possession of the current champions of the league, the winners of the Bundesliga title are able to construct a replica for cabinets or club museums.

Unlike knockout tournaments, the Bundesliga does not utilize a system for play-offs like Major League Soccer (MLS). By definition, this means there is no final for the Bundesliga, and the winner of the title simply amasses the most amount of powers across the campaign. This makes it similar to the main soccer league of the United States that awards teams the Supporters’ Shield.

Consequently, the format of double-round robin means there is no fixed date by which the winner of the Bundesliga title is announced. Confirmation only comes when it is impossible for rivals to overtake a team that’s in 1st place.