Tips, but Mostly Just Tricks: an Overview of the Telegram Tipster Channels

Tips, but Mostly Just Tricks: an Overview of the Telegram Tipster Channels

Betting is tricky and requires some relevant knowledge except for pure luck. Sports betting Telegram channels have grown in popularity as a source of advice in recent years all across the world. This remark is equally true for Nigeria, where many bettors get their most recent betting guidance from the aforementioned channels, groups, and occasionally bots. We keep on wondering, do these tips really work? Let’s research the topic together. We’ve prepared some insights on the best Telegram tipsters that Nigerian punters consider trustworthy and reliable.


🧨 Disclaimer. Loads of tipster channels are pure scams and share fraudulent information. Be careful and do not trust any advice or reco you come across in Telegram channels or any online space.

Telegram Betting Channels: What Are They?

Telegram channels let admin users share their views and opinions with their subscribers and audience. Although Telegram channels have no membership restrictions, admins are the only users who can post to them. With announcements, discounts, and promotions, this is a good method to reach a large audience.

Channel vs. Group

In a Telegram betting group, a number of people can express their opinions on predictions and sports betting picks. Group administrators also have authority over these, as they decide who is allowed in the group and whose posts are allowed. Contrary to a Telegram channel, groups do permit discussion and dialogue. 


However, since the level of moderation is lower than that of a channel, you can come across some scam offers and guidance with hidden ads.

How to Join

Click the “Join” button after choosing the group or channel you want to be part of. You may check out some groups before joining them to see if they contain what you’re searching for. Also, select the kinds of notifications you want to get and how you want to get them when you are a member of a channel or group. Then, you’ll have access to all the betting tips and forecasts you require. Mind that some tipster channels have subscription fees you will be required to pay.

How About Bots?

Telegram bots are programmed to send users pre-written messages. We strongly advise against using them since frauds are what they are almost always used for.

So, Tips or Tricks?

Many live channels claim to offer predictions and occasionally even information on fixed matches, but the majority are scams. This is the reason we came up with a list of accurate and reliable sources. Let’s examine our choices and discuss each item in detail. 


🔥 BetWizards Maxbet

​​In our opinion, Betwizards is the greatest Telegram sports betting channel due to its exclusivity, excellent accuracy rate, and range of subscription choices, including a free one that makes the data source accessible to less fortunate bettors. Also, you can rest assured that it’s completely safe.

🔥 Jain Reports

Jain Reports, which has its headquarters in the UK, is one of the popular betting tips Telegram channels. Like many other organizations, they offer free betting recommendations to all members in exchange for a VIP subscription service. At Jain Reports, the top betting picks are behind a paywall and only accessible to subscribers.

🔥 TipMan Tips

Every suggestion offered by TipMan includes a recommended stake. They offer daily predictions for football and horse racing. Every tip provided is monitored in real-time on their website with open profit/loss information. Members also have access to football statistics and in-play bot software as part of their subscription.


See how it works. A Telegram channel can be created and run for free. Telegram makes it simple for scammers to provide recommendations because they may quickly vanish without a trace. Open a nice Telegram account first, then flood popular Facebook and Twitter pages with posts that attract unaware Nigerians to these Telegram channels. You will be sweet-talked into joining for one month only. They would start by telling you that they only receive completely accurate suggestions from the source. If the con artists realize you are willing to pay, they will once again demand a price for unlocking the tips after they have your money. They will keep telling you that the predictions are 100 percent accurate and will encourage you to place large bets. Eventually, you will get blocked once they have your money. If you try contacting the scammers, you will receive scary threats from them.

How to Identify a Scam Venture?

Below are stop signs that should warn you against joining the channel:


🚫 The admins claim they receive tips from sources outside Nigeria;

🚫 The subscription fee is crazy high;

🚫 The channel has other subgroups;

🚫 The social media pages linked to the channel are not active;

🚫 The IDs of the owners are hidden;

🚫 No customer support is offered.

Are Telegram Tipster Channels Worth Joining?

We encourage you to at least give these data sources a shot, even though the final decision to join or not rests with you. If you sign up for the channel’s free trial, you won’t even have to pay anything, and it might increase the profitability of your sports betting. In our opinion, it is a wise idea to compare their theories and forecasts with your own. You won’t lose anything by doing it this way, and you might even get far better outcomes.