Shabiki App Download Process: Trials and Tribulations

Shabiki App Download Process: Trials and Tribulations

If you are a sports betting enthusiast and have a keen interest in online and mobile betting, then you should definitely know about a platform such as Shabiki. This betting website was established in Kenya and is considered one of the most exciting betting platforms on the local market. 

Bettors appreciate it for being simple to navigate and really easy to understand. Besides, the company has a multitude of different betting options and features that will surely please any member of the platform! And obviously, one of those features is the organization’s mobile app, which permits bettors to profit from their betting experience wherever they are. 

In this article, we will discover the different ways to download Shabiki app, its main characteristics, and the difficulties that could occur during the installation procedure. 

The App in General

Have you ever wished to bet via your mobile device without having to be attached to a computer? Then the Shabiki mobile app will definitely be an excellent solution for you. Suppose you are already familiar with the Shabiki platform. In that case, you will have no difficulty obtaining the app and accessing your personal account. In contrast, if you are a new platform member, you will probably need some time to get comfortable with the sportsbook first.

Downloading the Shabiki application will permit you access to most of the platform’s betting features, including all those available on the desktop version of the sportsbook. Still, you will also have the possibility to receive regular notifications and alerts for your bets and the platform’s news and profit from an excellent interface adapted to your preferred gadget. Let’s take a look at what the app has to offer.


Convenient interface A decent number of sports
Rapid navigation Live betting
Regular notification Virtual sports
Interesting betting features Great promotions


1# How to Download

If you are ready to finally download the Shabiki app, then you are probably asking yourself how to do it. The procedure is actually very rapid, simple, and safe, but you will need to follow a certain number of steps to install this application correctly. Even though the procedure is relatively simple, it still requires a minimum amount of concentration and attentiveness in order to be completed successfully.

Also, there is, unfortunately, no application available for iOS users at the moment. If you wish to download the Shabiki app, you will need a mobile device operating on Android. Here is the procedure.


  1. Navigate to the company’s official website.
  2. Locate and tap on “App.”
  3. Press on “DOWNLOAD THE APP!”
  4. Wait for the .apk file to download.
  5. Open it and follow the instructions.
  6. Done!


These easy steps will allow you to obtain the app and profit from its main features quickly; however, you should remember that trying to download the application via other external sources may be very dangerous, which is why it should be strictly avoided. 

2# Difficulties


Now that you have had a quick overview of the installation process, we should take a look at the main difficulties that may be encountered during this operation. Unfortunately, just like the installation of any kind of software, the Shabiki app also has its difficult moments and requirements that should be taken into account by the player before downloading the app. So that we can be ready at all times, let’s take a look at them! 

    • External sources: We already mentioned this problem previously, but unfortunately, this issue always occurs too often. Bettors don’t always take the time to verify the program they download, which is why they often get tricked and install maleficent software or fraudulent programs as a result. We highly recommend that you always verify that you are installing the application via the bookie’s official website. Otherwise, you risk corrupting your mobile device and even getting robbed.
  • Internet connection: Another interesting point that many bettors tend to forget about: is always double-check your internet connection when installing the program! Most problems regarding the installation procedure are linked to classic network issues that players usually forget to take into account. If you notice that the downloading process is slowing down, then you definitely should take a look at your internet connection.

  • System requirements: Just like every mobile application, the Shabiki app has its own system requirements that should be met in order to avoid difficulties during the installation. If your mobile device isn’t compatible with the program, then you’ll definitely struggle to make it work correctly. Besides, the app is available only on Android devices, which means that if you are an iOS user, this app is definitely not for you. Always double-check your operating system version and update it if necessary.

  • Free storage: And last but not least, free storage. We highly recommend that you verify the amount of storage available on your device. It is always better to have a lot of free space when downloading programs, especially betting applications that may take up quite some space on your gadget. Speaking of the Shabiki app, 40 MB should suffice for a great and fluid experience! 


3# Pros and Cons

To quickly sum up the application’s different characteristics, including its installation difficulties and its best features, we should take a look at the app’s pros and cons. You can compare the key features of the app and gain a better understanding of them by using the chart our experts have created. 


Pros Cons
✅Rapid and simple navigation ❌No mobile app for iOS users
✅Great betting options ❌Requires regular updates 
✅Quick installation
✅Regular notifications and alerts

4# Conclusion

In conclusion, we may affirm that the Shabiki app download procedure is rapid and simple. The application permits access to different betting options directly from a mobile device, with the possibility of betting on the go. Most of the features available in the application are the same as on the bookmaker’s official website but in a more convenient way for mobile users.

Even though members may encounter some difficulties during the process, we highly doubt that they won’t be able to manage them. Most of the issues occurring during installation are linked to network problems that may be easily fixed.