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Redstar Fixed Matches Predictions

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Start: 02 October 2023 / 14:00h


Charlton U21 – Bristol City U21

Tip: 2

Odds: 2.20

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Redstar Fixed Matches Predictions

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Following an extremely rapid video assistant referee (VAR) examination by Darren England, in which the typical offside line graphic was not displayed, Liverpool winger Diaz’s goal was disallowed with the Reds down a man and the score at 0-0.

PGMOL acknowledges a significant human error occurred,” the statement said. “PGMOL will perform a thorough review.

The on-field crew of match officials disallowed the goal by Luiz Diaz for offside,” it said. VAR intervention should have given the goal because there was a glaring factual error, but the VAR did not step in.

The lines were drawn according to protocol, and every other element was examined.

The first on-field judgment was lost in what is being characterized by reports as a lack of concentration, and a ‘check complete’ was confirmed rather than an intervention that would have resulted in the goal being given.

According to reports, Howard Webb, the chief of referees, spoke with Liverpool this evening.

Additionally, Curtis Jones and Diogo Jota were sent from the game, and the Reds lost on a Joel Matip own goal in stoppage time despite firmly holding Spurs out.

Jurgen Klopp said in a post-game interview that “crazy decisions” and “the most unfair circumstances” led to his team’s loss.

They drew the line incorrectly and failed to recognize the proper moment for Mo to pass the ball. Therefore, the ball was between Mo’s knees.

Redstar Fixed Matches Predictions

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Alan Shearer, a former England striker, called the VAR gaffe “incomprehensible” on BBC Match of the Day. Offside was the one aspect of VAR that he indicated they had accepted and realized they couldn’t debate.

This will seriously cast doubt on any future judgments. It’s a huge mistake, and we immediately saw it.

We are told that Darren England, the VAR, and Daniel Cook, the assistant VAR, did all they were supposed to do in terms of drawing lines but, for some reason, instead of announcing a “goal,” had a major oversight and stated, “check complete.”

What purpose does a VAR helper serve? The time between that and approving kickoff was 30 to 35 seconds. The VAR made a brief error, but why can’t the assistant VAR signal that this has to stop?

The officials and VAR had a terrible day. Although we have seen other howlers, this one is the largest. Going ahead, trust will be important.

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Redstar Fixed Matches Predictions

The PGMOL statement, according to Klopp, “doesn’t help” the situation, and he made mention of the apology Wolves got for the season-opening penalty miss against Manchester United.

It doesn’t help at all. Therefore, I don’t believe we should speak about it too much, Klopp remarked.

Wolves received a comparable message or apology. It makes no difference since we won’t score today, and they didn’t gain a point from United.

“I’m very confident nobody makes mistakes on purpose, yet it still happened, and I have no idea why at the time. Would a spectacular goal by [us] have altered the outcome? I’m not sure. However, it’s likely that objectives help.

You must alter without your voice because we will be penalized if we speak. Even though they didn’t do it on purpose, we should still discuss it appropriately if we want to.

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Virgil van Dijk, captain of Liverpool, declared that he is “losing faith” in VAR following the referees’ erroneous decision to overturn Diaz’s goal without the assistance of Stockley Park, the VAR headquarters in West London.

He replied, “I’m losing faith, which is hard to say.”

The VAR should be very transparent and apparent in all of their decisions. I’ve seen the still image; no lines were visible on live TV. I don’t know who made the choice in the VAR room, but it all seems a little peculiar.

Not only is it a bad thing, but it also doesn’t look nice. We lost. That is what it is.

Former Manchester United defender Gary Neville called the choice “horrendous” and claimed that Diaz’s support was “clear for everyone” to see.

That’s incredible! It is quite important. I have supported VAR and offsides as facts, but there have been a handful in recent weeks that I felt were incorrect,” he remarked.

It happened far too quickly. That one is terrible. It is obvious who is right and who is wrong. For the past two weeks, something hasn’t been right. The incorrect cameras are being used to draw the lines. It is strange.

Everyone would agree that this is onside, and it makes you question how many other choices they made that were poor, said former Liverpool player Jamie Redknapp. They appear to have gotten that wrong by a yard.

It does not seem good. They really messed that up, in my opinion. We are overly complicating things.

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The first controversy of the game, which occurred when Jones was dismissed with little over a quarter of the game remaining, preceded the Diaz decision.

For his challenge on Yves Bissouma of Spurs, the midfielder was first given a yellow card by referee Simon Hooper. However, after consulting the on-field monitor, the card was altered to a red, which Klopp also disapproved of.

The VAR briefly displayed a still image of the challenge’s conclusion to Hooper when he initially turned to the monitor before the tape was repeated slowly.

Stepping on the ball and falling down is Curtis—a good tackle. In slow motion, it seems different. He steps on the ball at full speed and runs over it. That’s unfortunate,” added Klopp.

“It looks horrible, but his foot simply slides off the top of the ball,” Neville continued. That is not a red card for me. He entered sincerely. As a former player, my first impression is that this player isn’t out to get the opposing player.

Slow-motion footage of the conclusion will make you think “red card,” but the entire scene must be considered.

Stephen Warnock, a former Liverpool and England defender, concurred, saying on BBC Radio 5 Live, “I believe it is incredibly severe. The important issue is that VAR is slowing the situation down as opposed to the original challenge.

He grabs the top of the ball before kicking his foot over it and into Bissouma’s ankle. But you can see both sides of the debate. I can see why Spurs supporters are upset about the tackle, but everything appears worse when it is slowed down.

After the referee’s on-field judgment was upheld by VAR, Alexis Mac Allister, a fellow midfielder for Liverpool, had his red card against Bournemouth earlier this season revoked on appeal.

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VAR has already erred in judgment or neglected to act when it was required.

After failing to indicate the VAR offside lines and disallowing a Brentford score against Arsenal, referee Lee Mason resigned from the PGMOL in February.

During Brighton’s 1-1 draw with Crystal Palace that same month, an offside line was drawn erroneously, resulting in Pervis Estupinan’s goal being wrongfully disallowed.

Instead of teammate Marc Guehi standing behind James Tomkins, the line should have been drawn parallel to him.

PGMOL also acknowledged that Brighton ought to have received a penalty in their away loss to Tottenham in April, but although referee Stuart

Attwell rejected the first appeals; neither he nor the TV monitor were asked to reconsider the decision after VAR had reviewed the video.

Michael Salisbury, a VAR official, was benched for the upcoming Premier League games.

An impartial panel discovered in December of last year that video assistance referees had missed six opportunities for intervention and made six mistakes at that point in the 2022–23 season.


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