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Qatar World Cup 2022

Today Fixed Match Bet The Cost of the World Cup

It is hard to determine the precise cost of the next FIFA World Cup for Qatar. Since the first World Cup was staged in 1930, it has already been established that this one would be the most expensive.

It may potentially cost more than the last 21 combined, according to some estimates.

Numerous experts and analyses predict that the expenditures will surpass $200 billion (€199 billion) and perhaps even rise higher. To put that in perspective, the most costly previous World Cups were the ones held in Brazil in 2014 and Russia in 2018.

Dan Plumley, a specialist in sports finance at Sheffield Hallam University, claims that when Qatar was selected to host the 2022 games back in 2010, preliminary estimates put the possible cost at $65 billion.

It may reach $200 billion, according to some recent projections. It will be the most expensive project ever recorded.

Match Fixing 2022 Arriving at a figure

Front Office Sports, a US-based sports finance firm, put the price tag at $220 billion.

However, Hassan Al Thawadi, the chairman of the Qatari group in charge of organizing the event, claims that the country’s infrastructure spending since winning the tournament will top $200 billion.

The doubt stems from the fact that the great bulk of the billions that the Qatari government has spent in preparation for the tournament is on non-football infrastructure.

This is including a new metro system, an international airport, new roads, about 100 new hotels, and recreational amenities.


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A large portion of such expenditure is a part of Qatar National Vision 2030, a larger public investment initiative in the Gulf nation.

According to Kieran Maguire, a football finance expert at the University of Liverpool, “the World Cup functioned as an accelerant in terms of the Qatari government trying to solve concerns as far as the country’s infrastructure was concerned.”

“They had a focus because of it. It is a lot more costly World Cup than prior World Cups.”

According to Plumley, it is a substantial “soft power gamble” that will ultimately result in a loss for the business. But this is of little concern to Doha given the tremendous energy resources of the gas-rich peninsula.


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Fixed Match Dark Legacy

Like all recent World Cups, Qatar 2022 will have to deal with the issue of “legacy,” even if it is a financial outlier.

For most World Cups, that is a significant challenge, but there are significant concerns in the case of Qatar.

Stadiums are one of the most visible problems. Seven of the eight sites were entirely new constructions for Qatar 2022. According to the government, building them costs $6.5 billion. The 2.8 million-person nation won’t require as many major arenas when the World Cup is gone.

Recent World Cup hosts struggled with the “white-elephant issue,” and Qatar wants to end the pattern. The remaining five stadiums will either be demolished, converted for other uses, or have their capacity drastically decreased.

Only three stadiums will still be used for sporting correct score sure win events.


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However, according to Maguire, Qatar will use the upgraded facilities as justification for future bids to host important European championships like the Europa League or Champions League.

Amnesty International charged Qatar in 2016 with employing forced labor at its main stadium, the Khalifa International Stadium. Then there are the claims that since 2010, hundreds of migrant laborers have perished in Qatar.

The Guardian newspaper claimed in February 2021 that 6,500 migrant laborers from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka had perished in the nation between 2010 and 2020.

According to human rights draw bet of the day experts, a significant portion of those killed was in the nation, particularly for the World Cup.

Despite some recent moderate labor improvements in Qatar, Amnesty claims that there are still significant issues. In a study released last month, it concluded: “Ultimately, serious levels of human rights violations continue to occur today.”

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Both the cost issue and migrant worker deaths won’t have an impact on FIFA, the world’s regulatory body of football real fixed bets 1×2.

According to Dan Plumley, much like the 2018 edition, the event will be a significant cash windfall for them.

He noted that the 2018 World Cup income for FIFA exceeded their projections and stated, “For FIFA, the World Cup is about the monetary gain and revenue creation to finance its operations across each four-year cycle.”