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Start: 09 November 2023 / 18:45h


Plzen – D. Zagreb

Tip: 1

Odds: 2.20

FT: 1-0 WON

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Bet 24 Tips Fixed Matches David Beckham documentary

The football player is questioned in the Netflix documentary Beckham about how he handled the nation’s abuse following the 1998 men’s World Cup. David Beckham says in reply:

The way my dad had treated me, I was able to take the hatred from the supporters.

In a heartbreaking moment, Beckham’s mother, Sandra, is shown grappling with Ted’s harsh treatment of their kid. Ted’s yelling frequently made David cry. Asked if he was treating David too harshly, Ted responds,

He wouldn’t have anything to work at if I told him how excellent he was.

Throughout the documentary, Ted and even Beckham defend Ted’s actions by saying they are required to further David’s athletic career. However, David also admitted that he felt pressured to practice for hours daily and was afraid of his father’s criticism.

Australian Jelena Dokic, Andre Agassi, and Tiger Woods are among the other athletes with comparable tales.

Parents’ strict behavior is frequently presented as essential to an athlete’s success. However, the data refutes this notion. In actuality, a child’s prospects of succeeding athletically, as well as their general wellness, may be negatively impacted by such a method.

Furthermore, our data indicates that it’s not limited to elite athletics; community sport is also experiencing this issue. Sport is faced with massive changes, but you can always get the most accurate OV25 Fixed Matches here on our website.

Osimhen Fixed Matches


Osimhen Fixed Matches

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According to our study, one in three respondents claimed to have been abused by a parent whilst participating in Australian community sports.

Just under a third of our respondents reported experiencing psychological abuse at the hands of their parents, which includes actions like:

Excessive rebuke, slander, and degradation, exercising too much to the point of severe fatigue or vomiting, neglecting a young person after they’ve competed in sports.

In order to develop “mentally tough” athletes who are prepared for high-level competition, parents, coaches, and athletic organizations have repeatedly normalized the controlling and abusive behaviors mentioned above.

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Nevertheless, there is no proof that domineering and abusive behaviors improve performance.

Instead, there is a wealth of evidence to support it: damages kids’ self-esteem and confidence, heightens worry about competition, causes athlete dropout is connected to anxiety and despair.

According to research, children can become more self-motivated when adults in community sports employ what is referred to as an “autonomy-supportive approach,” which gives young people the freedom to make their own decisions and has their sentiments acknowledged.

In a test conducted at the 2012 Olympic Games, coaches who showed excellent support for their athletes won more medals than coaches who did not.

The majority of this research has been on coaching, yet, as many parents coach their kids, these results are still applicable.

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